From breed show cuts, pet cuts, hand scissoring, to a bit of color, Bark Avenue is the Bark of the town!

We are able to accommodate every dog of any size, dogs that need a little extra time to get comfy as well as dogs that may require a little more patience!

Our staff takes pride in keeping up with the latest fashions in pet cuts, new products and equipment in maintaining a goal of providing superior comfort and relaxation for your best pal!

Our knowledgeable staff evaluate your pet’s skin and coat for the best approach in products used as well as services provided. Should we find any abnormalities, we recommend a visit with your pet’s Veterinarian.

We highly recommend having your pet groomed every 4-6 weeks to prevent build up of dead hair that is released year round. This also helps prevent matting to occur which can lead to further irritation of skin along with costly grooming and/or veterinary expenses.

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