Bark avenue provides a doggie daycamp program where your pooch enjoys a fun, stimulating, cage free environment where they can interact with other dogs in a safe environment while the humans are away for the day! Our program provides a relaxed. Stress-free environment where your dog is supervised by bark avenue staff at all times ensuring dogs interact appropriately and safely. Initially your dog will join our evaluation process where we get acquainted with your dog to ensure doggie daycamp is suitable and enjoyable for your dog. Our doggie daycamp is available during normal business hours of 7am-6pm monday-friday!

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Our day retreat program is best suited for the quiet pooch who may not enjoy the company of other dogs!

We offer one on one care where your pooch where he/she can enjoy a leisurely stroll in the park accompanied by our staff, various planned activities where your dog with enjoy private sessions with enrichment toys. chews and games with staff. Dogs in our retreat are offered a cozy couch to relax on while watching movies in our office or per owner’s request, we can set them up for the day in our cozy corner kennel suites where they can enjoy the peace and quiet and dream of squirrels and hunting wabbits!

We would be delighted to schedule a time for a meet and greet with your pooch prior for your peace of mind!

If you are interested in our Retreat, please submit our day retreat form and a staff member will reach out to discuss your pets day away at Bark Avenue Pet Salon & Resort

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Reservations & Check In/Out Policies:

We do require reservations for daycamp as space is limited . Reservations can be made by calling 307-460-2567


*Full Day of Daycamp is $25 per dog. Half Day of Daycamp is $17 Per Dog, Half Day Check in and Check out starts at 12pm-1pm.
*If your pet is boarding with us and you would like to have them join Daycamp, it is $15 per dog.
*Day Retreat starts at $15 per dog per day

*Full Day Daycamp 20 Day Pass $480($20/day)

*Half Day Daycamp 20 Day Pass $300($15/day)

What is included in your dog’s stay:

*Access to fresh water at all times

*Daycamp dogs have staff-supervised access to our indoor(climate controlled) playroom as well staff-supervised access to our outdoor dog yard. Campers are involved in stimulating group and individual activities where we use treat stuffed toys, “hide & seek” activities using treats, toys etc, snuffle mats, in additon to other shenanigans!

*Day Retreat Campers are offered a quiet suite where they have access to our couch in office along with a doggie movie. Our suites are equipped with Kuranda Cot Beds along with a nice comfy therapeutic bed for extra cozy snuggles! We offer individual walks for our Day Retreat dogs as well as treats, toys, as well as optional activities with staff!